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Top Ten Illuminati Whistleblowers

Top Ten Illuminati Whistleblowers

Top 10 Illuminati Whistleblowers: An examination of testimonies and evidence presented by alleged high-level insiders and former members of the Illuminati.If you are unsure about what the Illuminati is, check out What is the Illuminati? for a look at modern uses of the term or Adam Weishaupt and the Secrets of the Bavarian Illuminati comic for an introduction to the late 18th century secret society.
I considered naming this article Top Illuminati Frauds, Charlatans, and Liars or even Illuminati Hall of Shame but decided on the less inflammatory Top 10 Illuminati Whistleblowers.
The top 10 Illuminati whistleblowers are:


This list should not be confused with the numerous government and corporate whistleblowers whose revelations have had repercussions and have impacted the real world.

The inconsistencies, not only within individual testimonies, but between each whistleblower’s description of the Illuminati’s hierarchy, methods, and rituals, indicate that all but one have to be wrong. At least 9 of these individuals are either spreading disinformation, lying, or mentally disturbed. Their differing versions of what the Illuminati is and does cannot coexist in the same reality.
Nevertheless, there are some similarities that should be underscored. For instance, Lucifer is a major player in Illuminati circles and is mentioned by all ten whistleblowers. For some Lucifer and Satan are the same, while others describe them as separate beings. The Illuminati appears to be into human sacrifices with no less than 8 of our whistleblowers reporting witnessing or participating in it.
None of the whistleblowers on this list were rank and file Illuminati members and all reached a high position with the group. Eight of our 10 whistleblowers are members of prominent Illuminati bloodlines and were born to it. One willfully joined the order of his own free will, while another was unwittingly brought in as a negotiator between opposing factions of the Illuminati.
Nazis are popular with four whistleblowers specifically mentioning Josef Mengele. Half mention preparations for the coming of the Antichrist as a major goal of the Illuminati. Virtually all of them give the Rothschilds a prominent (but varying) place in the Illuminati with two singling out the involvement of the late Philippe the Rothschild. Three claim that Reptilian aliens are real, but with vastly different descriptions about what they are.
At least 8 have or had superpowers such as clairvoyance, levitation, or telekinesis.
They are all bullet proof. Despite the Illuminati being described as the epitome of power who planned the first and second world wars, they have been unable to silence any of the whistleblowers on this list. Nine are still alive and well, revealing the Illuminati’s blatant incompetence in dispatching its enemies and keeping its secrets hidden.
Strangely, when überbelievers realize that one or more of these whistleblowers are lying, they rarely conclude that the person is making it up and is most likely clinically insane. Rather, they claim that they are part of a complex psyop to spread disinformation and cover-up Illuminati shenanigans.


Illuminati High-Priest and Grand Druid Council member born into the prominent Collins Illuminati Bloodline who defected after seeing the Illuminati’s plan for a New World Order culminating in 1980 with the installment of Jimmy Carter as the Antichrist.

Associated Acts: Jack Chick, Fritz Springmeier, Henry Makow, Joseph “Doc” Marquis, Carolyn Hamlett
John Todd was born into the Collins Illuminati bloodline in 1949. The Collins had brought the Illuminati to America and had been practicing witchcraft for over 7 centuries. Some Collins opted to change their family names to Todd around 50 years ago. (Tape 1A)
At the age of 13, Todd was taken to Hogwarts School of Magic a Hogwarts-like school called an Outer Court, a specialized Illuminati school of witchcraft where he received training as an Illuminati Priest. He was ordained an Illuminati High Priest at the age of 18, and as a male Collin, took his place of the Grand Druid Council. At one time, he had more than 65,000 witches taking orders from him.
His sister climbed the Illuminati ladder a lot quicker; by the age of 13 she was already a High-Priestess and Queen of Ohio with 15,000 witches serving under her. (Tape 5A) She was mostly occupied with summoning up demons that appeared to be UFO sightings as part of the Illuminati plan.
Todd joined the Army and fought with the US Special Forces (Green Berets) in Vietnam, before being involved in the death of a superior officer and sentenced to 35 years imprisonment. Fortunately, a US senator, a congressman, and two generals, personally escorted Todd out of prison and had the building containing his Army records burnt down to hide the existence of the Illuminati.
In reality, Todd’s army records were not destroyed. They showed that he had been a general clerk and typist and that he had never set foot in Vietnam. Todd was dishonorably discharged for being emotionally unstable and a pathological liar.
It is then that Todd realized that he wasn’t just playing with candles and learned that everything he had previously learned on witchcraft was false. (Why did the Illuminati bother with the Outer Court? )
Warning: Contains Demons
WARNING: Contains Demons
He was assigned the position of managing Z Records, a non-existent record company. Todd produced rock music in order to lead a new generation to Satan. He explained how each rock music album sold includes a demon summoned during a secret Illuminati ritual. The more albums someone owns, the more demons inhabited his house. All major studios have a Satanic temple built for such purposes. (Tape 6B) All rock stars are witches and must learn which language, secret codewords in which songs are written in that have different meaning to the initiated. (similar to dog whistles in politics)Occult authors such as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien similarly summon demons into each copy of their books so that children would be guided towards Satan. They also own most televangelists such as Billy Graham and Pat Roberson. They paid Jerry Falwell $50 million to join their cause.
The 4 members of the Beatles are four major Satanic prophets, with their White Album “considered to be the Book of Revelation to witches.” Charles Manson was sent to prison in order to organize inmates across US prisons for “Helter Skelter”, the day when Manson and 200,000 soldiers would escape prison and slaughter Christians across the Unites States. The Illuminati-controlled government is helping by imposing gun control laws in order to minimize resistance during the massacre.
Christian rock music is also a gateway to Satan with its druidic-inspired drum beats… so are astrology, jewelry, Tarot cards (which demons personally guide), regularly playing cards, role playing games, Ouija boards…
Star Wars was considered a major hit for the Illuminati. All actors were initiated witches and picked from the cast of the Young and the Restless soap opera. (they weren’t) All actors on soap operas must also be witches. He also claims that the supernatural 60s soap opera Dark Shadows was based on the Collins family diaries which he provided.
Atlas Shrugged is the Illuminati blueprint for a New World Order which the Illuminati refer to as The Conspiracy, or the Great Conspiracy. (using the word Illuminati in public is punishable by death, a fate that Todd has managed to escape) The book was commissioned in 1966 by Philippe de Rothschild and written by his paramour, Ayn Rand. (Tape 3A) They added juicy sex scenes to the book in order to keep decent Christians from reading it and discovering their secret plans. According to Todd, John Galt is Philippe de Rothschild.
He claims that fans of Atlas Shrugged are communist. (at this point anyone who has read the book should question if he had done so himself – Fans of Rand are selfish, entitled assholes, not communists.)
The Necronomicon, a fictional grimoire from H.P. Lovecraft’s equally fictional universe is actually a sacred witches’ bible. (Tape 3A) Todd claims to have seen word for word passages from the Necronomicon in the Book of Mormon.
In 1972, documents received via a US State Department diplomatic pouch directly from the Rothschild Tribunal convinced Todd that he had to leave the Illuminati. One document detailed an 8-year plan for total control of the world. (minus China, which would be totally wiped out – Tape 1B) It also included a letter from the Rothschilds saying that they had “found their man”, and believed to have found the Antichrist – They were referring to Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter - 39th POTUS and Antichrist-in-waiting
Jimmy Carter – 39th POTUS and Antichrist-in-waiting
Needless to say, the Illuminati did not take over the world in 1980, Jimmy Carter was not installed as the Antichrist, and China remains intact with an aggressive growth towards capitalist.Upon discovering Todd’s defection, the Illuminati immediately put a bounty on his head. However, Todd was now protected by Jesus Christ and survived multiple attempts on his life, including escaping unarmed from an exploding building.
The Illuminati is directly controlled by Lucifer. Under Lucifer is the Rothschild Tribunal, to which he directly gives his orders. The All-Seeing eye on the US dollar bill represents Lucifer, while the capstone represents the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are not humans; they are the sons and daughters of Lucifer and are considered gods among the Illuminati. The Rothschild Tribunal gives its orders to the Council of 13 aka the Grand Druid Council. (Tape 1A) The Illuminati now goes by the name of Moriah.
in America, the Illuminati is represented through the Trilateral Council (he means Trilateral Commission) which is the central committee of the Council of Foreign Affairs (he means Council on Foreign Relations). It is financed by Standard Oil who always uses the colors red and blue in their corporate logos. (Todd was familiar with Gary Allen’s None Dare Call it Conspiracy and had probably listened to Myron Fagan’s lecture on the Illuminati. (audio | transcript)
Freemasonry is a tool of the Illuminati. Todd claims that every Mason has to take a life in order to ascend to the 33rd degree.
With each lecture, Todd’s tales grew increasingly implausible. For instance he once claimed that John F. Kennedy faked his own death and that as the Kennedy’s personal warlock, had just returned from counseling the late President on his yacht. The same audience that had been his bread and butter gradually turned on him in 1979 with the publication of critical The Todd Phenomenon as well as condemning articles in Cornerstone Magazine and Christianity Today exposing his lies.
Eventually Todd, who had been fired from numerous jobs for inappropriate behavior towards teenage girls was found guilty of rape and sentenced to 30 years in prison. Predictively, Todd and his supporters claimed that he had been framed by the Illuminati, more specifically, a US Senator who wished to get his hands on Todd’s list of Christians presently in hiding. With no congressman or senator to rescue him, he was left to serve his sentence until 2004, when he was transferred to a mental health facility where he died in 2007.
Although, few people take Todd’s claims seriously anymore, influential researchers such as Jack Chick, Fritz Springmeier, and Henry Makow continued to support his claims. In the early 80s, Todd was invited by Randy and Vicki Weave to lecture in Iowa. (Unlike Todd, Weaver had been an actual Green Beret) They too, believed that the federal government was about to round up and annihilate Christians culminating in the events at Ruby Ridge.
His stories have found their way into many of the tales by the Illuminati whistleblowers on this page and modern commentators such as G Craige Lewis and Professor Griff continue to parrot his claims about the music industry. (repackaging Todd’s claims about Rock for Hip Hop)
Sources and further information:
John Todd Former Illuminati Occult Member Gives Testimony Of Involvement In Witchcraft – mp3s of lectures given at Tom Berry’s Bible Baptist Church in Elkton, Maryland in 1978This archive includes Tape 1A (43 min), 1B (44 min), 2A (43 min), 2B (40 min), 3A (43 min), 3B (40 min), 4A (43 min), 4B (1 hour 16 min), 5A (41 min), 5B (39 min), 6A (43 min), and 6B (36 min).
Most of the information on Todd comes directly from these tapes.
Some juicy bits on youtube:
John Todd a Former Illuminist- Explaining The Illuminati (Full Length)
= clipped from Tape 3A (start at 2:03)
John Todd’s introduction to Atlas Shrugged (transcript from Tape 3A starting at 3:31)
John Todd – The Rothschilds are children of Lucifer Tape 6A starting at 14:58
The Illuminati and Witchcraft – Transcript of lecture given at David Berg’s The Family International in 1978 for distribution to its members
The Todd phenomenon: Ex-grand Druid vs. the Illuminati – Fact or Phantasy?
John Todd’s Message From Prison – Part 1 of 4 partial transcript in 13 Illuminati Bloodlines)
Collaborations with Jack Chick
1974 – The Broken Cross, 1978 – Spellbound?, 1978 – Angel of Light
Cornerstone MagazineThe John Todd Story by Gary Metz
Christianity TodayThe Legend(s) of John Todd by Edward E. Plowman
The Prodigal Witch Part III: John Todd Part 1 (Part 2)


American born into the Illuminati and groomed from before her birth by Reptilian alien overlords to become a Mother Goddess and High Priestess capable of summoning interdimensional being known as The Old Ones.

Associated Acts: David Icke
Arizona Wilder was born into the Illuminati and groomed to become a High Priestess of the Illuminati and one of three of its Mother Goddesses. (aka Starfire) Her birth was planned by the Illuminati and her parents were forced to relocate to California so that Arizona could begin her training.
Her training involved being tortured by a variety of means including, brain electroshocks, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, drug injections, sensory overload, and eating her own feces. This was done in order to create split personalities which could be programmed and used as needed by the Illuminati. Various cuts to her brainstem gave her a photographic memory. (which she clearly doesn’t have) Wilder’s programmer was Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele who wore a huge emerald ring on his left hand and went by the name of Dr. Green. (see here for who Dr. Green might be)
Wilder was chosen well before her birth for her role as a Mother Goddess. They required her psychic abilities which gave her the unique gift of being able to summon the “Old Ones”, interdimensional Reptilians. She was also one of the few powerful enough to keep them from crossing the magic circle and coming into our world.
At the age of 5 she traveled to Leningrad to help develop their psychic research program in conjunction with the KGB. In one experiment, she had to astrally project herself into an adjacent room and use a pencil to mark a piece of paper. Much to the Soviets’ amazement, she was able to do so on her third try.
Icke's Biggest Secret, also known as the Biggest
Icke’s Biggest Secret
Illuminati rituals are usually conducted on military bases to avoid interference from outsiders. She visited a 14-level deep underground base underneath Area 51 and there, learned to communicate psychically with dolphins. She also met Grays referred to as “Psibers” that were manufactured from the genes of the aforementioned dolphins. They were also Reptilians walking around in their non-human forms.According to Arizona, members of the Illuminati are not humans. They are Reptilian aliens who need to consume human blood in order to maintain their human shapes. They also have a tendency to shapeshift while they are sleeping. (which would most certainly cause some embarrassing moments) A whiff of blood can cause them to shapeshift. (Illuminati Reptilians generally make crappy surgeons or soldiers.) Arizona tells us that the Royal palace household whenever someone on staff had their period. They find menstrual blood of a recently-terrorized Aryan to be especially tasty, although human babies are still the highest form of sacrifice.
She has seen George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Hillary Clinton, Jay Rockefeller, Newt Gingrich, at Illuminati rituals. During these rituals she witnessed Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Guy de Rothschild, Tony Blair, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, shapeshift into their Reptilian forms. Oddly enough, she has also seen ancient alien astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin shapeshift into a lizard. His role is to spread disinformation.
Joseph Mengele, also a shapeshifter, usually accompanied her to these rituals. The rituals usually begin with a sacrifice, then a blood feast, followed by an orgy. (so pretty much a standard Game of Thrones episode)
She once overheard Fayed and Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle discussing arrangements for the ritual sacrifice of Princess Diana. She adds that as Diana lay dying in the Pont de L’Alma tunnel, her unborn fetus was removed and distributed to “high Illuminati members to consume.”
David Icke, of course, eats this up.
The Illuminati is governed by 13 bloodlines which are mostly made up of British and other European royal families. The Aryan race lived on the Mars before the Reptilian came to the planet and took it over. The Aryans escaped to Earth’s moon before again being attacked by Reptilians. They moved to Earth 6,000 years ago and began mixing with Earth’s local population. The Illuminati holds the key to Atlantis.
However, 2,000 years later, the Reptilian arrived and started the Merovingian bloodline along with the 13 bloodlines of Europe. Aryans with blues eyes and blonde hair are deemed especially pure, and the Reptilians are careful in keeping the pure Aryans (the Martians) from interbreeding with the local population. Note that the members of the British royal family are very poor blue-eyed, blonde-haired specimens.
A French aristocrat known as Pindar is the undisputed leader of the Illuminati, surpassing Queen Elizabeth, or even the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, in status. Pindar stands for “Phallus of the Dragon” but his public personality is the Marquis de Libeaux. The Illuminati puts a lot of effort into spreading Pindar’s seeds and impregnating has many Aryan women as possible. Arizona once saw pet dragons in Pindar’s basement while wandering around Alsace-Lorraine castle.
Wilder was also impregnated several times with Pindar’s seeds by his henchmen, Guy de Rothschild, who had been tasked with her impregnation.
Ms. Wilder first realized that something was wrong in 1989 while undergoing psychotherapy and realizing she had a lot of missing time. She was soon able to recover memories of being sexually and ritually abused by her father as part of her mind control programming. She attributes her ability to regain her memories to the death of her programmer and handler Josef Mengele in that same year. Guy de Rothschild tried to take over as her handler but failed.
She eventually escaped in 1993 by cutting off her hair. (I kid you not.)
The National Security Agency soon started following and harassing her.
Did Wilder offer any proof for her claims?
The necklace allows the wearer to amplify their superpowers. The ring is  only given to Mother Goddesses.
The necklace allows the wearer to amplify their superpowers. The ring is only given to Mother Goddesses.
No. She drew a bunch of pictures based on her recovered memories. None of her artwork shows anything Reptilian looking. She also showed Icke her “Mother Goddess ring” and a copper necklace that supposedly allowed her to amplify her psychic powers during Illuminati rituals.However, she has recanted most of what I present here. She is the only one to have done so on this list thus far. She disavowed anything she told David Icke, but now believes she was programmed using electric shocks in preparation for her meeting with Icke.
Sources and further information:
The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World – 1999“Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave”, Arizona Wilder’s presentation at the 2001 Global Sciences Congress in Denver
56 minutes
David Icke Revelations Of A Mother Goddess 1991
2 hours 55 minutes
Transcript: (scroll down to Table of Contents parts 1-6)
Arizona Wilder – Deceived No More
2003 Conspiracy Con in Santa Clara
1 hour 37 minutes
The Prodigal Witch Part XVI: Illuminati Slaves (Part 2)


Monarch Mind Control victim and programmer born into an Illuminati family and groomed to marry the Antichrist until recovering her memories, leaving the Family, and going through intensive deprogramming sessions for over a decade.

Associated Acts: Fritz Springmeier, Greg Szymanski | image source
Cisco Wheeler was born into a “transgenerational satanic family”. Her father was a mind control master programmer for the US government, a 33º Freemason, Grand Druid Council member, and Illuminati Grand Master, who made a living drug running during the Vietnam War. He had married her mother, a good Christian, in order to infiltrate Christianity as part of Illuminati plans back in the ‘40s.
Her trauma-based programming began while she was still in her mother’s womb so she could sexually service the top echelon of the US political structure, including President Dwight Eisenhower, as well as governors, mayors, and members of the British Royal Family.
Wheeler’s two primary programmers were her father, known as Mr. Black, and none other than Nazi war criminal
 Josef Mengele, Monarch motif
Josef Mengele, Monarch motif
, known as Dr. Green (or Greenbaum) Mengele is a recurring character in Monarch recovered memories. Cisco’s father was Mengele’s number 2 man.Cisco was part of the Illuminati’s Monarch mind control program. According to Monarch theories, the CIA’s MK-ULTRA program is considerably more advanced than it is being let on. Thanks to Nazi advancements, the CIA/Illuminati is now able to create a perfect mind-control slave by using traumatic events, and films such as Fantasia, Wizard of Oz, and Alice in Wonderland to create multiple personalities. Each perfectly isolated personality (altar) can then be programmed for various Illuminati functions (sex, assassination, blackmail, spy, etc.). According to internal documents that Cisco has seen, there were over 2 million active Monarch slaves in the US in 1968.
She was very close to her father due being kept in isolation and having exclusive contact with him. As a programmer, he was able to control her liver, kidneys, heart, and lungs using hypnosis. At 18 months, she was suddenly taken from him. The next time they met, he violently rapped her to begin her trauma-based programming.
Apparently unaware that she is using a pseudonym and that her family name is not actually Wheeler, (either Johnson or Anderson) she tells us that she is the grandniece of US Army General Earle Wheeler (her father’s partner in Vietnam drug smuggling) supposedly himself a descendent of President Ulysses Grant. (he isn’t)
Many of Wheeler’s recovered memories of trauma feature cages.
Cages in the desert – Wheeler and other 2-4 year old children were individually kept in hot cages in the desert. They were left in the scorching heat for hours without any water or food. Josef Mengele would then walk in between the cages with a daisy in hand. He would play a twisted version of He loves me, he loves me not with the cage’s occupant. If the last petal pulled was a “love me not”, he would take the child out of the cage and murder them on the spot.
Cisco says this exercise was for her benefit only because she was special and the Illuminati had something planned for her. All the other children were expendables. It served to demonstrate what would happen in Mengele stopped “loving” her.
Kittens in cages – In order to make Illuminati slaves into kittens, the Illuminati would set up two cages and put kittens in one and a young girl in the other. The kittens were given love and affection while she would be shocked every time she wanted food or water. She was spit on and humiliated for being a human child. She had to create a split personality and become a kitten to escape. Cisco still didn’t believe herself to be human when being deprogrammed year later.
Monkeys in cages – She would be locked with other children in cages while monkey and apes took care of them. One monkey would feed them, one would beat them, and the other would rape them.
13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati
13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati
Cisco claims that the ultimate function of the Illuminati Monarch system is to provide the Antichrist with bribes, the three Mothers of Darkness. She, of course, was chosen to be one of these 3 brides. Members swear an oath to Lucifer, to bring on the end times and to install the Antichrist on his throne. They are from the 13 Illuminati bloodlines and no one from outside these bloodlines is allowed in.She finally broke free at the age of 40 when her father, who had been her handler and primary programmer, died. (She doesn’t mention if Mengele’s death in 1979 had any effect) She soon began reintegrating her personalities and met four other women who also had been programmed as Monarch Sex Slaves by her father. Because all 5 women had been trained as programmers,(shades of Svali #7) they were able to “understand the inside of the heartbeat of Lucifer himself” and carefully deprogram themselves over the course of many years.
Fritz's guidebook to creating a mind-controlled slave
Fritz’s guidebook to creating a mind-controlled slave
You’d think that Monarch slaves suddenly breaking free when the master dies would be a problem for the Illuminati, but Wheeler tells us that they are suicide altars that are triggered when the Master dies causing subjects to off themselves. (Wouldn’t that be an even bigger problem? The death of a single primary programmer would trigger a domino effect and cause hundreds of people to kill themselves… I’m not sure Ms. Wheeler has actually thought this through…)Breaking off from the all-powerful Illuminati has not been easy for Cisco. She gets a lot of threatening phone calls, letters, and routinely got ran off the road and shot at. Illuminati agents would also wait for her at her therapist’s just to let her know that they could burn her house down or shoot one of her children in the head.
Sometimes, they would kidnap her, torture her, electrocute her, drug her, and rape her (including “gun-rape”) over and over again.
Unfazed, Wheeler joined up with Fritz Springmeier, author of 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati and deprogrammer. They wrote 3 books together: They Know Not What They Do, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, and Deeper Insight into the Illuminati Formula. The last two books are instructions on creating Illuminati slaves.
She is still alive and maintains a website at CiscoWheeler.com.

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The Curious Case Of The Death Of Joe Scarborough's Intern Lori Klausutis

The Curious Case Of The Death Of Joe Scarborough's Intern   Lori   Klausutis 

5 months ago
With recent attacks on President Donald Trump and accusations of threats of blackmail by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission Zbigniew Brzezinski. Some information about Scarborough's past has come to surface.

No matter what you believe about the exchange between Trump and the two MSNBC hosts the following information is more important than allegations of behavior between the two because it involves the death of a young intern  Lori   Klausutis  and the subsequent cover up. I won't be looking at the speculation of any of the drama. I draw no bias to either side or conclusion until evidence is presented instead, I'll be examining the case of  Klausutis  who was found dead in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office.
Scarborough used to serve as a U.S. Republican Congressman from Florida’s 1st District from 1995 - 2001, he shortly resigned five months into his fourth term in September 2001. Two months before his resignation on July 20th, 2001, his intern  Lori   Klausutis  was found dead inside his office on his floor.
Her body was discovered by a couple who wanted to speak to  Klausutis  about a work permit issue they had.
However, the once respected news agency CNN reported that Scarborough was set to reign as early as May 2001. So the death of his aide probably didn't have anything to do with his resignation.
Scarborough's office released the following press release on  Klausutis ' death:
"My staff and family are greatly saddened by the loss of  Lori   Klausutis . I know Lori will be missed by the thousands of citizens who regularly contact my office to seek assistance with a variety of problems. May God grant Lori's family the grace, comfort, and hope that will get them through this difficult time," Scarborough's office said.
Scarborough claimed that he had resigned “in order to spend more time with his children.”
"In the last month or two, I've had thousands of different rumors launched against me. I'd rather keep this private right now," he added.
The story of the death of  Klausutis  was swept under the rug and was barely covered by the media perhaps because two months later on September 11th the largest terrorist attack on American soil occurred or maybe the media didn't see significance in covering the mysterious death of a young woman?
Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Steve Hogue said that preliminary findings from the medical examiner's office of Dr. Michael Berkland showed "no foul play or any outward indication of suicide."
So how did  Klausutis  die then?
The official  autopsy  report stated her death was an "accident" attributed to - "undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia" and due to this fact her "breathing stopped she fell and hit her head, on an office desk and died," Berkland said.
Scarborough's press secretary, Miguel Serrano also stated that  Klausutis  had known prior "health conditions" but didn't provide specifics when questioned. And Scarborough himself told reporters that she had a "complicated medical history" including "stroke and epilepsy."
Which an immediate family member disputed and denied stating she had no prior "health conditions" since she was a documented marathon runner who had recently run an 8K with a respectable time and she belonged to the Northwest Florida Track Club.
On August 29th, 2001, two Fort Walton Beach police officers  Stephen Sequeira and crime scene expert Dusty Rhodes who witnessed the  autopsy  of  Klausutis , said that her "skull had been fractured," reported NWFDailyNews.
But this was never taken into account in the final  autopsy  report, and Dr. Berkland stated knowledge of the injury was insignificant and was simply just from the cause of her fall.
"We know for a fact she wasn't whacked in the head because of the nature of the injury," Berkland said, downplaying the woman's injury.
Then on Sept, 1st 2001 Dr. Berkland released the  autopsy  report of  Klausutis ' death an 18-page document stating he wanted to "extinguish the fires Of speculation" surrounding the case.
Reiterating his previous claims the report stated that  Klausutis  had "died from striking her head on the edge of a desk in the office. The fall that caused her to strike the desk was likely triggered by an undiagnosed heart condition known as floppy mitral valve disease, which is typically marked by abnormal heart rhythms."
Berkland noted his report was backed up by two people, including a postal worker and co-worker of  Klausutis  a woman identified as Tiffany Bates, both said she told them she was "anxious and did not feel quite right" prior to her death.
 There was no sign of a break-in or struggle. However, a security guard Don Graham, owner of D-Train security company, stated that he "may have missed" checking to see if the doors at Scarborough's office were locked.
Scarborough himself has an alibi he was in Washington at the time of her death according to a report by the  Pensacola News Journal.
Despite these facts several questions remain, as  Denis Wright and Chris George, AMPOL (American Political Journal) pointed out.
 1. "Were Lori's medical records thoroughly examined for  any evidence of the pre-existing heart condition? It would seem that  someone must have examined her heart if she ran 8Ks.
2. "Did Dr. Berkland personally examine the site of death in  undisturbed condition in order to support his later conclusion that the  physical evidence was compatible with his later conclusions?
3. "Presumably the heart valve condition alluded to is Mitral  Valve Prolapse. This may be associated with arrhymias, but rarely with  VTach (Ventricular Tachacardia) or VFib (Ventricular Fibrillation), the  only arrhythmias which would stop the flow of blood to the brain. 
 4) If Lori's death was just a  simple accident, then why did Rep. Scarborough and his spokesman Miguel  Serrano feel the need to go to two different local TV stations within three hours of her body's being found and invent a nonexistent history of chronic medical conditions for
her -- in other words, why did they feel the need to lie about Lori's health?
5) Would you trust without question the word of a Medical Examiner who lost his ME license in two separate states  (Missouri and Florida) because he LIED about his  autopsy  work (for  instance, saying he had  autopsied  some brains when he hadn't)?
6) Why should whoever wrote Ms.  Klausutis ' obituary feel it was appropriate to mention nearly everything about her life -- EXCEPT where she'd been working since 1999?  
7)  Dr. Berkland and his supervisor at the time, Dr. Gary Cumberland were  known to be high-giving donors to Scarborough’s Congressional campaigns.  Did their relationship with Scarborough influence any and all the  results issued by the M.E.’s Office? 
Curiosity also peaks when you learn medical examiner  Dr. Berkland's medical license in the state of  Missouri was revoked in 1998 as a result of him reporting false information regarding brain tissue samples in an 1996  autopsy  report.
He moved to Florida in 1997 and in July 1996, Berkland was suspended from his position as Medical Examiner in the State of Florida.  Yet in  2001, he was issuing reports on  Klausutis ’ death that were questionable if not outright false.
He was then fired in 2003 for not completing  autopsy  reports.
Further the man was arrested in 2012, for storing human body parts in a Florida storage unit in containers  filled of formaldehyde and methyl alcohol.
Berkland was charged with - improper storage of hazardous waste, keeping a public nuisance and driving with a suspended license according to CBS News.
Which not only does Berkland's work ethic come into question whether he was competent enough for the  autopsy  but also the man's sanity keeping remains of deceased humans why would anyone do that? Organ trafficking? But that's a story for another day.
Back to the death of  Klausutis  knowing this medical examiners shady history you may find it interesting that the  autopsy  of  Klausutis  makes no reference to the time of death according to a now deleted copy of the  autopsy  report.
Then there is Scarborough's alleged odd behavior on a radio show years later after  Klausutis  death in 2003.
On May 29, 2003, Scarborough appeared on Don Imus's radio show where he made the shocking admission about killing his intern. While complimenting Scarborough on his sense of humor, Imus said, "Don't be afraid to be funny, because you are funny. I asked you why you aren't in Congress. You said that you had sex with the intern, and then you had to kill her." Scarborough laughed and replied, "Yeah, well, what are you gonna do?"
The audio from the only known recorded upload is curiously "missing" and the page for the archive.org page is also dead. However, I was able to dig up the oldest date of existence for this claim from 2004 from the Democrats own website.
If true this is a tasteless "joke" that had it been made today would have instantly gotten the attention of social media and ruined both men's careers.
Author and film maker Michael Moore also accused Scarborough of killng his intern when he  “registered the domain name JoeScarboroughKilledHisIntern.com," and was later sued for his action.
i'll let you draw your own conclusions by the amount of information provided herein. In no way am I personally suggesting that Scarborough killed his intern, in fact, someone of his stature would have that job done for him. I am simply stating that her death is suspicious in my opinion and many things don't add up.

Monday, August 14, 2017

A History Of Violence -- The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel / By Sarah Abed

A History Of Violence -- The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel

Fear And Trepidation In Tel Aviv: Is Israel Losing In Syria?

By Sarah Abed

In Part I of independent analyst Sarah Abed's three-part analysis for MintPress News, Abed began exposing the modern day Kurdish/Israeli alliance that both parties have tried to keep hidden in order to avoid drawing the public's attention to their ultimate plan, as well as the U.S.' use of Kurdish factions in destabilizing the Middle East.
The Kurds have engaged in such relationships in part because of internal divisions and disunity, which have also made it difficult to fulfill their goal of establishing a fully autonomous Kurdistan spanning over the four countries they currently occupy.
Abed also examined the Syrian government's attempts at keeping the country united by addressing and implementing constitutional changes that benefit the Kurds -- attempts that have still failed to convince separatist Kurds to abandon their goal of Balkanizing and illegally confiscating parts of Syria at the cost of the people who reside there.
Part II examined this topic in greater depth in hopes of raising awareness of this little-known but imperative part of the Syrian puzzle. Abed analyzed the Kurds' link to apartheid Israel and why the country has taken such a strong interest in the group, as well as the strange phenomenon of Western military veterans traveling to Syria to fight alongside the Kurds.
The Kurdish link to Daesh (ISIS) was also covered, as a number of Kurds have chosen to fight on their side. Kurdish alliances with armed terrorist groups in Syria -- particularly Daesh -- are very telling signs as to what extremes some Kurds will go to in order to bring their ideological manifestation of an independent, autonomous Kurdistan into existence.
In Part III of Abed's analysis, she will cover human rights violations, both past and present, that have been committed by the Kurds against Arabs and Christian minorities, as well as address misconceptions as to why the Kurds remain stateless.
It's important to reiterate that this three-part analysis is not meant to be understood as a sweeping generalization of the Kurdish ethnicity at large. The points being addressed are specifically in reference to the corrupt factions. The West has effectively preyed on the Kurds' internal divisions and has used some factions to fulfill an imperialist goal of dividing and weakening the Near and Middle East. The Kurdish people are diverse, and in recent years, aspects of their culture and customs have been discussed in mainstream media. But the behavior of some of their more corrupt factions must be addressed.

Kurds and Assyrians: a tumultuous past and present

Much of what the Kurds claim as their own unique culture is actually borrowed from older cultures, such as the Assyrians, Armenians and Suryoye. In fact, much if not all of the land in Eastern Turkey that the Kurds claim as their own once belonged to the Armenians. It is hardly surprising, then, that the Kurds assisted in the Turkish genocide of Assyrians and the 1915 genocide of Armenians.
Also known as "Shato du Seyfo," or the "Year of the Sword, " this genocide targeted Christians in the Ottoman Empire during World War I, mainly in 1915. The size of the Assyrian population was reduced by as much as 75 percent as a result.
On the Nineveh plains of northern Iraq, the Kurds dwell in cities such as “Dohuk” (formerly known by the Assyrian name of Nohadra). But these cities are “theirs” only in that they have established a relatively recent presence there.
Employing the criteria of cultural identity and thousands of years of historical authenticity, these lands are, and have been, uniquely Assyrian. The Kurds were essentially “given” these lands in the early 1970s as a means of drawing their eyes away from the oil-rich lands in and around the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. To this end, there were large migrations of Kurds into Dohuk which displaced, often forcibly, Assyrians who had far greater legal and historical claims to these lands.
This is a tactic commonly employed by the Kurds when attempting to ascribe validation to their “sacred quest” of establishing a Kurdish state – something which has never existed at any point in recorded history. By defining “Kurdistan” as any place where Kurds happen to dwell at any given point, they seem to be going by the maxim "possession is nine-tenths of the law" – which may work well in determining criminal liability, but not so well in determining one’s homeland.
In the early 1970s, the Kurds of Nineveh began to fall into what would become a familiar pattern of being used as a pawn of U.S. interests. In this instance, they betrayed their host country when the U.S. – through its puppet, the Shah of Iran – began arming them and encouraging them to rise up against the government.
The Iraqi government cracked down, which resulted in many Kurds being forced out of the lands they had only recently acquired. Iraq and Iran came to a diplomatic resolution and the Kurds were left holding the proverbial bag in what would also become a recurring scenario. Nearly the exact same phenomenon occurred in the 1980s and 1990s when, during the first Gulf War, a no-fly zone was established that granted the Kurds a tangible measure of international support and protection.
Kurdish guerrillas of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, guard the entrance of Irbil, Iraq, Sept. 1, 1996, after they seized the main Kurdish city from the rival Patriotic Union of Kurdistan on, Aug. 31, 1996. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's forces stormed Irbil to dislodge one Kurdish group, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and allow its rival, the KDP, to move in. Internal quarrels have long plagued the estimated 20 million Kurds who live in the mountainous region where the borders of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan converge. ( AP/Anatolia)
"Despite the oppression the Kurds have suffered at the hands of the Turks, they have not learned to be tolerant. In the Kurdish autonomous of North Iraq, The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) are acting in the same way as the Turkish government has for 90 years against Kurds and Assyrians. Reports of systematic abuses against Assyrians within the Kurdish autonomy in Iraq are constantly increasing in number. There is organized harassment, sanctioned by the Kurdish authorities. The aim is obviously the same as that of the Turks, to assimilate or expel the Assyrian indigenous people who have lived in these parts of the country for more than 7,000 years." Augin Haninke wrote in her article The Kurds: Victims and Oppressors with Assyrian International News agency.

Watch: The assassination of an Assyrian leader by Kurdish forces:

As explained in the video above, Kurdish security forces in Syria tortured and murdered Assyrian military commander David Jindo after a false invitation under the pretense of cooperation. This was a move reminiscent of Kurdish leader Simko Shikak’s 1918 assassination of Assyrian Patriarch Mar Shimun XXI Benyamin, which took place when he invited the patriarch into his home.
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of northern Iraq claims that it is $25 billion dollars in debt, despite having negotiated its own oil deals and received significant amounts of foreign aid. One has to question how much corruption exists within the Kurdish administration for it to be in the financial situation it claims to be in. This has resulted in circumstances where small charity groups are left to facilitate and distribute aid to the Assyrians and Yazidis, who are supposed to be under the governorship of the KRG.
Sporting a revised version of the phrase "Mesopotamia: The Cradle of Civilization," this sign is located near the Assyrian heritage site of Khinis in Dohuk Province. Such sites are typically unguarded and are often vandalized. ( AINA)
In 2011, imams in Dohuk encouraged Sunni Kurds to destroy Christian churches and businesses. In response, shops were attacked and clubs were besieged by mobs of people numbering in the hundreds. Hotels and restaurants were attacked with small arms fire.
In recent years, Kurds have continued acting disingenuously towards Christian minorities, including Assyrians and even Yazidis. Their abuses have gone far beyond historical revisionism – an example of which can be seen in the picture below. This was also seen when they took refuge in northern Syria in the early 19th century and proceeded to drive Arabs and Armenians out of numerous towns.

Modern day horrors as Kurds allow Daesh to murder Assyrians

In July 2014, as Daesh began its incursion into Iraqi territory, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) began its systematic disarmament of Assyrians and several other ethnic groups so that it could use their weapons in its own struggle.
A disarmament order that was circulated by the KRG in Assyrian towns on the Nineveh plains. ( ankawa.com).
Notices were circulated threatening severe punishment for noncompliance. Assurances were given that the Peshmerga would provide some degree of protection.
But as Daesh advanced, the Peshmerga took the weapons and fled, following the same example as the Iraqi Army.
This left the Assyrians and Yazidis with no means to resist or defend themselves against Daesh. Reports even surfaced of these same Peshmerga gunning down Yazidis who tried to prevent them from fleeing with all the weapons.
Haydar Shesho, a Yazidi commander who managed to procure weapons from the Iraqi government, was then arrested by KDP authorities for organizing an “illegal” militia.
This scene was repeated elsewhere throughout the country, as 150,000 Assyrians were forced to flee the Nineveh plains, their ancestral land.
These actions can only be seen as a deliberate ploy by the Kurdish leadership to allow foreign forces to violently cleanse these areas of all non-Kurdish residents and then, with the help of their U.S. allies, retake and "liberate their lands."

Watch: Assyrians demanding an end to the Kurdish occupation of their land:

On April 13, 2016, Kurdish security forces blocked hundreds of Assyrians from participating in a protest outside of the Kurdistan Regional Government Parliament building. The protest was planned in response to the ongoing confiscation of Assyrian land by Kurds in northern Iraq.
Many testimonies have surfaced, such as a statement given to the UK Parliament by Yazidi ex-captive Salwa Khalaf Rasho, in which it is said that the Peshmerga, eager to flee first ahead of Yazidi civilians, has refused requests to stay and protect Yazidis or at least leave them their weapons. They had even reassured the Yazidis that they should return to their homes, where they would be defended.
Some Peshmerga ultimately started firing on Yazidis when their protests grew forceful – killing some of them – in order to clear the way for their convoy of vehicles to pass unhindered. Yazda, an organization that campaigns for Yazidi genocide recognition, wrote in its last report in January 2016: “Had they [Yazidis] been defended for one day, they could have been evacuated safely and the massacres and enslavement crisis could have been averted.”
The following is an excerpt from Rasho's testimony to the UK Parliament in which she pleaded for help after escaping eight months of Daesh slavery, rape and multiple attempted suicides.
"My name is Salwa Khalaf Rasho. I was born in 1998 and was in the ninth grade. I was leading a simple and modest life with my family until the day when Daesh attacked Shengal on August 3, 2014. I liked my city, Shengal, very much. I grew up under the principle of coexistence with all societies within the community, regardless of one's religion or sect, because the values of my religion do not allow to hate others and discriminate against them.
Therefore, Shengal was well known as the city of tolerance and ethnic diversity. What happened was shocking and unexpected, because we saw Daesh as our brothers. With this, I mean the Arab tribes of the villages that belong to Shengal. Suddenly, they became monsters and wolves. They collaborated with Daesh when Yazidi women and children were enslaved and men were killed.
There were about 9,000 Peshmerga in my city who were armed with various types of weapons. They said to us, 'We will protect and defend Shengal, and Daesh will only enter Shengal over our dead bodies. We will defend Shengal until the last bullet.'"
Unfortunately, they ran away without any resistance and without warning or giving notice to the civilians so we could escape from falling into the arms of Daesh monsters. They left us women and children to our cold-blooded fate. I and the people with me tried to flee into the mountains like the others."

Watch: How Kurds disarmed Assyrian Christians and abandoned them to Daesh:

A history of human rights abuses

In light of these horrors, it should easily be understood why the Kurds would have a vested interest in claiming Arab, Assyrian or Armenian history as their own. Failing in that endeavor, they often resort to destroying any relevant history altogether. In this aspect, they operate in a similar manner to Daesh.
Every time the Kurds failed in an attack against Turkey, they would migrate to Syria and try to claim Syrian land as their own. For instance, they tried to claim the Syrian city of Ayn al Arab, naming it "Kobani." The origin of the name is the word "company," a reference to a German railway company that built the Konya-Baghdad railway. The Kurds also claimed Al Qamishli, another Syrian city, as their illegal capital and renamed it Qamishlo.
It's worth mentioning that the Kurds are not even a majority in the land they claim as theirs in northeast Syria. For example, in the governorate of Al Hasakah, they amount to about 30 to 40 percent of the population. That number has decreased since the outbreak of the current Syrian conflict, as many Kurds have left for European countries.
Most of the have fled to Germany, where their numbers are about 1.2 million, a little less than the number of Kurds living in Syria. However, they do not seem concerned about seeking autonomy there. They only seek it in the Middle Eastern countries that have provided them with refuge all of these years – these are the countries they want to stab in the back instead of thanking them for their hospitality.

Watch: Widely-documented human rights abuses:

Amnesty International's many refutable allegations against the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army cannot be taken at face value in the absence of other corroborating reports. In some cases, however, they do report truthfully, such as when they released a report in 2015 accusing the YPG, the militia of Syria's Kurdish population, of a range of human rights abuses.
"These abuses include forced displacement, demolition of homes, and the seizure and destruction of property," the group wrote. "In some cases, entire villages have been demolished, apparently in retaliation for the perceived support of their Arab or Turkmen residents for the group that calls itself the Islamic State (IS) or other non-state armed groups." Amnesty International has also documented the use of child soldiers, according to Lama Fakih, a senior crisis advisor for the group.
The Kurds claim that their “Kurdistan” is “multicultural and multireligious,” which is disingenuous when you consider that those additional cultures consist of people now dwelling amongst a Kurdish majority in lands the Kurds took by force. These people will be faced with the prospect of casting meaningless votes on Kurdish independence since, even if they all voted "no," they would nonetheless be outvoted by the Kurdish “yes” majority and as a result would still find themselves subject to a Kurdish government and agenda.

Why are they stateless?

The Sykes-Picot agreement, officially known as the Asia Minor Agreement, was a secret 1916 agreement between the United Kingdom and France, to which the Russian Empire assented. It set the borders for countries like Syria, Iraq, and Jordan, but the Kurds held little or no influence. The main purpose of the agreement for the French and British was to bolster their own influence and power in the region. The Kurds have made the argument that they were promised land at the time, but were then cut out of the deal at the last minute.
Kurdish history in the 20th century is marked by a rising sense of Kurdish nationhood focused on the goal of establishing an independent Kurdistan in accordance with the Treaty of Sèvres of 1920. Countries like Armenia, Iraq and Syria were able to achieve statehood, but the prospective Kurdistan was in the way of the newly founded state of Turkey, established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The state of Kurdistan has simply never existed.
The only areas in the Middle East where the Kurds were able to establish some semblance of legal autonomy are the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq – where minorities are well-protected under new laws – and Israel.
As a result of the disparity between areas of Kurdish settlement and the political and administrative boundaries of the region, a general agreement among Kurds could not be reached regarding borders. However, the Treaty of Sèvres was not implemented and was superseded by the Treaty of Lausanne. The current Iraq-Turkey border was agreed upon in July 1926. While Article 63 of the Treaty of Sevres explicitly granted full safeguards and protections to the Assyro-Chaldean minority, this reference was dropped in the Treaty of Lausanne.
It’s worth noting that the Iraqi Kurds are situated on the country's oil-rich fields. Syria's Hasakah province – which the Kurds are illegally claiming as their territory and which includes their self-appointed capital, Al Qamishli – also contains some of Syria’s most valuable oil fields. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the U.S. is putting its money on the Kurds.

Unethical and violent treatment of minorities, particularly Christians

According to Aina.org, in an article written in 2014, "Last year Ahmed Turk, a Kurdish politician in Turkey, declared that the Kurds have their share of 'guilt in the genocide, too,' and apologized to the Armenians. 'Our fathers and grandfathers were used against Assyrians and Yazidis, as well as against Armenians. They persecuted these people; their hands are stained with blood. We as the descendants apologize,' Turk said."
The Kurds have a centuries-long history of persecuting minority groups, having committed genocide against them with alarming frequency. Historical accounts of acts of genocide by the Kurds from 1261 through 1999 are documented in Genocides Against the Assyrian Nation.
In A.D. 1261, in what was referred to as "the coming of the Kurds," thousands of Assyrians fled the Nineveh plains villages of Bartillah, Bakhdida (Qaraqosh), Badna, Basihra and Karmlis, moving toward the citadel of Arbil to escape a substantial Kurdish emigration. King Salih Isma’il had ordered a great number of Kurds to move from the mountains of Turkey to the Nineveh plains. Assyrian villages on the plains were looted and the thousands of Assyrians who were not able to escape to Arbil were butchered by the Kurdish newcomers. A monastery for nuns in Bakhdida was invaded and its inhabitants brutally massacred.
A New York Times article from 1915 addressing the mass slaughter of Christians at the hands of Turks and Kurds. ( armenian-genocide.org)
Kurdish tribes in Turkey, Syria and Iran conducted regular raids and even paramilitary assaults against their Christian neighbors during World War I. The Kurds, acting in accordance with a long-standing tradition of a perceived Kurdish right to pillage Christian villages, were responsible for many atrocities that were committed against Assyrian Christians. A Kurdish chieftain assassinated the patriarch of the Church of the Aast at a negotiation dinner in 1918, the aftermath of which led to the further decimation of the Christian population.

Kurdish complicity in Armenian genocide

The Armenian genocide was carried out during and after World War I and implemented in two phases: the wholesale killing of the able-bodied male population through massacres and subjection of army conscripts to forced labor, followed by the deportation of women, children, the elderly, and the infirm on death marches leading to the Syrian desert. Driven forward by military escorts, the deportees were deprived of food and water and subjected to periodic robbery, rape and massacre.
Other indigenous and Christian ethnic groups, such as the Assyrians and the Ottoman Greeks, were similarly targeted for extermination by the Ottoman government in the Assyrian genocide and the Greek genocide, and their treatment is considered by some historians to be part of the same genocidal policy that targeted the Armenians. Most Armenian diaspora communities around the world came into being as a direct result of the genocide.
In the eastern provinces, the Armenians were subject to the whims of their Turkish and Kurdish neighbors, who would regularly overtax them, subject them to brigandage and kidnapping, force them to convert to Islam, and otherwise exploit them without interference from central or local authorities.
Egged on by their Ottoman rulers, Kurdish tribal chieftains raped, murdered and pillaged their way through the southeastern provinces where for centuries they had co-existed, if uneasily, with the Armenians and other non-Muslims. Henry Morgenthau, who served as U.S. Ambassador in Constantinople at the height of the bloodshed, described the Kurds’ complicity in his chilling 1918 memoir Ambassador Morgenthau's Story:
"The Kurds would sweep down from their mountain homes. Rushing up to the young girls, they would lift their veils and carry the pretty ones off to the hills. They would steal such children as pleased their fancy and mercilessly rob all the rest of the throng…While they were committing these depredations, the Kurds would freely massacre, and the screams of women and old men would add to the general horror."

Discrimination against Feyli Kurds in Iraq

It is important to reiterate that there are many Kurds to whom some of the characterizations presented in this analysis cannot and should not be applied. There are Kurds who have assimilated into their current cultural societies and reject the ideals of the separatist Kurds. Their concerns are mostly political in nature and specific to the nations in which they reside.
They are not interested in establishing a united Kurdish country in the four countries they occupy, through Balkanization, land theft, genocide or any of the other violations against humanity that have been addressed here. In fact, these Kurds have faced discrimination from the Kurdish community as a result of their unwillingness to support the establishment of a Kurdish state.
The Feyli Kurds in northern Iraq are a prime example. Many of them expressed opposition to a referendum on independence announced by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on June 7, 2017, as they feared it could lead to an escalation of the area's ongoing crisis.
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi laid out the Iraqi government’s official position on June 18, stating, "The Kurdistan Regional referendum on secession is illegal, and the federal government will not support it, fund it or participate in it.” The United States and Iraq’s neighbors, including Turkey, Iran and Syria, oppose the country’s territorial division.
Fouad Ali Akbar, a Feyli member of the Baghdad provincial council, told Al-Monitor, "They are Shiite Kurds...neither Shiites nor Kurds have done Feylis justice. Most Feylis are moderate and culturally diverse, and this has prevented them from earning the trust of Kurds and Shiites, who, for ethnic and sectarian reasons, have not wanted them to have a stable identity with normal rights like other Iraqi citizens."
Feyli activist Hassan Abdali said, "We, the Feyli Kurds, consider ourselves original Iraqis. We have deep historical and social roots in Iraq. We defended the country and its people in all the Iraqi liberation movements, in the Iraqi revolt against the British, and we took part in Kurdish movements and Shiite revolutions and also in the fight against the Islamic State (IS). And we faced persecution from Arab and Kurdish nationalist movements."
Ali Akbar also told Al-Monitor, "The majority of Feylis are voicing concerns about the potential displacement, killing, confiscation of funds and systematic looting that they might face in the event of the declaration of independence of Kurdistan as a result of the threats they receive whenever a dispute between the central government and the KRG erupts."
Sarwa Abdel Wahid, head of a KRG parliamentary bloc in Gorran (an Iraqi Kurdish political party), said at a joint press conferencewith Feyli representatives, including legislators, "The referendum to be held in September in Kurdistan is a partisan referendum that does not represent the ambition of all the Kurdish people, as it has failed to go through the legitimate national institutions."

Kurdish racism against Arabs – especially Syrians

Finnish investigative journalist Bruno Jantti described his experience working in Iraqi Kurdistan while investigating Daesh:
"When working in Iraqi Kurdistan, I was struck by the prevalence of regressive attitudes, including racism and sexism. I returned recently from Iraqi Kurdistan where I spent a couple of weeks investigating the Islamic State (IS) group. Working mostly in the vicinity of Sulaymaniyah and Dohuk, I could not help but notice a great many societal and cultural characteristics that somewhat surprised me.
Considering what is happening right next door in Syria, the level of anti-Syrian racism did catch me off guard. I came across such prejudice almost daily. A taxi driver quipped in Sulaymaniyah: 'These Syrians are ruining our country.' Another taxi driver was quite upset at Syrian kids who were washing car windows and selling tack. 'These are dirty kids.' he said. It was all but unusual that internally displaced persons of Iraqi or Syrian Arab descent who had fled to Iraqi Kurdistan were discussed using such language.
It wasn't just taxi drivers. In the Sulaymaniyah governorate building, an officer deemed it appropriate to prep us for our interviews in refugee camps in the area. She told me, verbatim, that Syrian refugees 'complain about everything.' In another city, a police chief was astonished and disappointed that my colleagues and myself were applying for a permit to work in a camp inhabiting Syrian refugees. The police chief stated: 'But these are Syrian refugees!' There was no shortage of contempt in his voice.
I had been fully aware that Kurdish nationalism flirts with highly questionable portrayals of Arabs, Persians and Turkish people. In Iraqi Kurdistan, I was surprised at how prevalent some of those attitudes seemed to be."

A Well-Curated Myth

The Kurds have gained popularity through effectively marketing themselves to Western audiences as revolutionary, feminist, Marxist "freedom fighters" who have a burning desire to create their version of a utopia where peace for all will reign — an image that Stephen Gowans recently critiqued in "The Myth of the Kurdish YPG's Moral Excellence."
What they actually seek to create is an illegal autonomous state carved out of existing sovereign countries. The freedom they seek is to be brought about by means of slaughtering natives in the countries that they want to Balkanize and divide on sectarian lines. They have set about vacating areas of indigenous people, utilizing fear and forceful tactics that are supported by their sponsors but that are in violation of globally accepted human rights. To agree with their cause is to agree with genocidal actions that, in essence, tear people away from their homes and lands while fitting conveniently into the imperial views of Western nations.
Up until recently, Kurds with separatist ambitions were seen in a positive light. But their hidden agenda has now been exposed and their true intentions revealed.Their past and present alliance with Israel and the United States is indicative of these intentions. This can not be dismissed or underappreciated, as it is the hidden foundation on which they have built their mission. The Greater Israel project is in full swing and needs to be halted before it makes any further headway.
To support the Kurds' demands for autonomy, and the establishment of a federation at the expense of others in the region, is illegal, profoundly illogical, and a violation of human rights for all of the reasons that have been discussed here. And it bears remembering as well that one of the top leaders of Daesh was a Kurd. If the Kurds truly want to live in peace and coexist with others, they must end the excessive historical revisionism in which they incessantly partake; they must forgo alliances that threaten the stability of the countries in which they currently reside; and they must work together and unite with their brethren who share the same geographical land. Only then will the Kurds truly have friends other than the mountains.